How does the system work and benefit 
your organization?




HIMS® and SDMS® ensure all employees of all functions move in the same direction focusing on achieving the organization goals, mission and vision. Our consultancy experience shows that this enabling alone will help raise the organizational productivity by at least 20-50%.



HIMS® and HOCI® provide a preventive-based continuous improvement system for all employees. Top management can monitor the key of the keys KOFK™ goals and operations to prevent any possible disastrous problems from happening. Our hands-on experience in facilitating hundreds of preventive-based improvement projects, including more than a hundred with Motorola, showed that millions of dollars in operating costs can easily be saved.




Do you wish to add value to your existing operations system? HIMS® provides synergic benefits through integration with other operations systems such as ISO series, ERP, CRM, etc. It’s a 1+1=3 benefit. For example, when we integrate our incentive and rewarding system IRS™ with HIMS®, we found that employees are motivated to achieving the organizational goals, as HIMS® provides a more transparent and equitable rewarding system. So, it’s a win-win situation, both employees and the organization benefit from HIMS®.




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