HIMS® Software Solutions Version 2 Implementation in a Logistics, Distribution and Retail Company

  • HIMS® Holistic Integration Module
  • SDMS® Mission and Vision Modules
  • HOCI® Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Development Modules
  • SDMS-PC® Performance Card Module
  • KOFK® Key of the Keys Module
  • HIMS-IRSTM Incentive and Rewarding System Module
  • HIMS-QMSTM Quality Management System Module

HIMS® Implementation in an Engineering Company

  • Develop KPI and implement SDMS® Performance Cards.
  • Develop and implement Rewarding and Incentive System.
  • Implement ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
  • Implement HOCI® Continuous Improvement System.
  • Build Organizational Excellence Culture.

SDMS® Implementation Workshop in Public and Private Sectors

The key features and benefits of Strategic Deployment Management System (SDMS®) are:
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) driven by Mission and Vision.
  • Strategic Goals/Thrusts/Objectives deployed to all functions and all levels of employees.
  • KPI for Outcome and Performance Driver measurements developed at corporate, strategic and operational levels.
  • SDMS® Performance Cards developed at corporate, strategic and operational levels.
  • Driven by SDMS®, all staff moves in the same direction in achieving organizational goals.

HOCI® Implementation & Training in a Tertiary Institution

  • Develop a customized course on "Moving Towards Quality Excellence"
  • Conduct the course on "Moving Towards Quality Excellence
  • Implement “Moving Towards Quality Excellence” initiatives

Organizational Excellence Project in a 5-Star Hotel
Organizational Excellence Criteria

  • 7 Categories: Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Process, Customers and Results
  • 3 Dimensions: Approach, Deployment, Results

Presentation at Sixth World TQM congress in St Petersburg, Russia.

Invitation for Presentation at World TQM Congress

Critical Success Factors for implementation of SDMS®
  • Commitment and support from top management.
  • Swallow an elephant technique.
  • Catch-ball technique.
  • Work with advocates.
  • Work around resistors.
  • Involve and empower.
  • Diverge and converge

Invitation to give Key-Note Address at Conference

  • Organizational Excellence Models
  • Organizational Excellence Criteria
  • Moving Towards Organizational Excellence
  • Strategic Implementation Frameworks
  • Holistic and Integrated Management System